TaslyHealthpac International Medical Corporation Group

TaslyHealthpac is dedicated to finding the most comprehensive care available to its patients. Patients have access to top quality integrative medicine and highly experienced qualified integrative medicine practitioners at TaslyHealthpac. In May 2010, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the China’s State of Administration of Traditional Medicine and the State of New South Wales, to jointly support the establishment of high standard integrative medical centre in New South Wales, whereby TaslyHealthpac was designated as the first overseas operator with high standard integrative medical centre. TaslyHealthpac’s reputation has been making waves overseas as well. International Forums were being organised which encouraged professional exchange, and promotes integration of western medicine and complementary medicine.

In the past 22 years since the company’s inception, it has not only built a reputation as one of the most comprehensive health care providers, it has been reaching our and giving back to the community. For example, TaslyHealthpac established Seniors Club, helped with community talks and made donation after bush fires.

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